Shrodingersbox | Personal transportable physical security

Shrodingersbox will begin shipping in late 2017.

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Shrodingersbox is a security product that allows you to safely transport small personal possessions.  The box allows you to enter two codes and optionally a timer.  The first code, opens the box for placement and removal of items.  The second code, silently destroys the contents of the box before allowing access. The timer can be set to automatically destroy the contents, if the correct access code is not given, in a specific timeframe. Attempting to access with the box improperly, will trigger the destruction of the contents.

Shrodingersbox can be safely stored in your home, used with public transport or placed in your checked luggage on airplanes. We help you protect your property from criminals and governments. With shrodingersbox, your possessions are either in your hands, or no one’s.